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White Light - Teeth Fast Whitening Kit (Original Made in USA)

  • GH8000
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White Light a revolutionary new system that incorporates light technology and a specially formulated gel to whiten your teeth fast. The whitening system rapidly removes surface stains and penetrates deep to remove embedded stains. Now you can easily and effectively whiten your teeth of home.

* White light system includes:

1) Light transmitter

2) Advanced dental tray

3) Specially formulated whitening gel

4) Secrets to beautiful smile booklet

5) 2 Lithium CR2025 batteries



Package Weight

One Package Weight: 0.40kgs / 0.88lb

Qty per Carton: 20

Carton Weight: 4.40kgs / 9.70lb

Carton Size: 43cm * 35cm * 30cm / 16.93inch * 13.78inch * 11.81inch

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