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15dB Portable Amplifier, Silicone Horn Stand Speaker for iPhone 5 & 5S (Blue)

  • GH2399
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Delivery Time: 1 - 2 Days | Payment: Mobile Money or Debit Card. Slip the horn speaker onto your iPhone for lo-fi amplification simplicity. Using old-fashioned acoustical science, the Stand adds 13 decibels to the sound (without asking for an erg of battery power) as it is borne out the horn. You can also use it to prop your iPhone into a vertical or horizontal viewing position. For original iPhone, iPhone 5.

1) No external power needed, increasing 13 decibels of volume

2) Holds iPhone vertically and horizontally, functions well in hand-free mode

3) Additional opening reserved for charger

4) Washable, dirt resistance

5) Size: 106x50x47mm

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