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2 in 1 (Front Screen + Back Cover) Mirror LCD Screen Protector for iPhone 5S (Taiwan Materials)

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Delivery Time: 1 - 2 Days | Payment: Mobile Money or Debit Card. The protector is specially designed for iPhone using Taiwan optical level PET film and produced by professional screen protector manufacturer in ISO dust-free cleanroom.

1) Perfect Mirror Screen Protector for iPhone 5S

2) The screen protector has a special feature, when screen powers off, it acts as an reflective mirror. When screen is on, it makes it brighter.

3) High quality screen protects your iPhone's LCD screen against dust, scratchesandabrasio

4) Quickly and easily adhere directly to your iPhone's screen

5) Film does not leave adhesive residue when taken off

6) Custom design for the phone, with precise cuts

7) Package includes:

1 x Front Mirror Screen Protector for iPhone 5S

1 x Back Mirror Screen Protector for iPhone 5S

1 x Lint-free Cleaning Cloth

How to use:

1) Clean the screen with the small clothe-in order to remove the dust and dirt

2) Peel off the one second / half PET material on the screen Protector, gently by the label

3) Stick the screen protector on the LCD gently and then rip off the PET material

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