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2 PCS H3 Xenon Head Lamp 12V 55W 6000K White Light

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1. Long service life,safe for the driving
2. Save a half power than traditional halogen lamp
3. Failure HID gradually dim, give drivers emergency shutdown time
4. Ballast current amplification, activate the inside of the bulb of high pressure gas discharge
5. HID a high energy density and intensity of light and expanded the line of sight range build safe driving conditions
6. HID Three times higher than traditional halogen lamp brightness, improves the drive at night and clarity to the line of sight of driving in the fog

Bulb Base H3
Types Halogen Light
Lamp Beads(pcs) 2pcs
Wattage 55W
Color Temperature 6000K
Voltage (V) DC 12V
Product Size 12*9.5*5.5cm
Weight 116g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.14kgs / 0.32lb
Qty per Carton 30
Carton Weight 4.60kgs / 10.14lb
Carton Size 50cm * 38cm * 30cm / 19.69inch * 14.96inch * 11.81inch