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2 x USB Charging Dock Station Stand / Game Handle Controller Charging Seat with LED for PS4(Red)

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1) Simple and luxurious appearance, with a circle of blue color PS4 charger, 2 charging sites and the charging indicator lights and light diffusion transparent bottom, you can see more clearly the state of charge, charging display red. Full of blue. 

2) 1 when the PS4 handle you when no electricity can be placed on the bracket seat charger of charging battery life. 

3) The power input 2.PS4 port micro. is original with the line can be used for PS4 USB charging line. 

4) The 3 state of charge, connect the USB cable, charger indicator blue light. 

5) PS4 handle charge state are shown in red, about charging for 1 hours 30 minutes or red light flashing, that is normal, the handle is soon to be full of, wait until the stop flashing, blue light, the handle is fully charged. 

6) Enjoy your game time. 

7) Input DC: 5V 

8) Size: 17.5cm x 5.5cm 

9) Net weight: 116g
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