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24V To 12V 3A 36W Car Power Adapter DC-DC Converter Step Down Module

  • GH₵17400
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1. 100% high quality and brand new
2. Light weight and ultra-compact size
3. Efficiency conversion rate: up to 96%, reliable, low heat dissipation max. 40C
4. With overload / over-current / over / low voltage protection, stable performance
5. Epoxy potting, seismic, water, moisture, dust, long term stable and reliable quality; Non-isolated
6. Use imported and integrated switching regulator modules manufacturing, quality is stable and reliable
7. Easy and simple installation.
8. Soft start time: 50ms, output Ripple: 50mV max, 5% 200uS dynamic response speed
9. Suit for Big Bus, Bus, Large trucks, EMU, solar energy generation, Bus LED display, taxi LED display, taxi radio undisturbed, Car audio speaker, LCD television, LED, Talkie, monitor system.

1. Please strictly accord the characters to connect line, Red wire is connected to positive pole, yellow wire to positive pole, and black wire to negative pole
2. Please ensure there are enough voltage and power output
3. When it is multi-channel output, please average with load, not merge
4. When it is max current output, please attention the module temperature radiating

Input Voltage 24V
Output Voltage 12V
Output Current 3A
Voltage 2V (Low voltage difference)
Output Power 36W
Material ABS
Size 6.4*2.7*1.4cm
Weight 33g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.06kgs / 0.13lb
Qty per Carton 200
Carton Weight 9.50kgs / 20.94lb
Carton Size 42cm * 32cm * 22cm / 16.54inch * 12.6inch * 8.66inch