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8 in 1 Professional for Home Oral Care Kit

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Professional for home oral care

1) Teether: the removal of tartar cause of tea, coffee, tobacco, diet, dental plaque. Silicone wrapped emery grinding, flexibility does not hurt the enamel.

2) Floss pick. Carry boxes. Sets floss and toothpicks functions as one, effectively clean the gap between the teeth.

3) Interdental brush: thoroughly clean the teeth tartar.

4) Oral Mirror: View mouth.

5) Tongue scraping: Clear tongue dirt surface of the tongue, thereby maintaining fresh breath (halitosis often comes from the tongue). In particular an increase soft teeth, can massage the tongue, to protect its vitality.

6) toothbrush: a unique cross bristles, more thorough clean tartar, eliminate plaque.

Oral Care:

Oral care purposes:

1) Keep your mouth clean, moist, making the patient comfortable and prevent oral infections and other complications.

2) To prevent bad breath, mouth dirt, stimulates the appetite and maintain normal oral function.

3) The observed changes in the oral mucosa and tongue and special oral odor, provide dynamic information of the disease.


1) When the scrubbing action to light, especially for poor coagulation, to prevent bumps mucosa and gums.

2) Coma patient taboo mouth, opening device when required, should be placed at the molars (lockjaw were unavailable violence to help its mouth), to be used when the scrub hemostatic clamp tight cotton balls, one at a time. Prevent cotton balls left in the mouth, not too wet cotton balls to prevent the patient and the solution inhalation; promptly sucked out and found phlegm.

3) Long-term use of antibiotics, should observe whether the oral mucosal fungal infections.

4) Dentures can not be soaked in alcohol or hot water to avoid discoloration, deformation or aging.

5) By isolating infectious member disinfection principles thereof.
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