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CK-101S Full Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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TYPE: Cash On Delivery | DELIVERY TIME: 24 Hours | PAYMENT: Cash.
1. Brand new and high quality
2. Intelligent pressure
3. 90 set of measurement data memory
4. The article warning the state of WHO blood pressure
5. Arrhythmia hint
6. Time function
7. Overpressure protection function
8. Large and clear LCD, easy to read
9. Ideal for the daily monitoring of blood pressure
10. Measurement Range:
- Blood pressure: 20-280mmHg
- Pulse rate: 40-165 times / min
11. Accuracy:
- Blood pressure: +/-3mmHg or +/-2%
- Pulse: +/-5% of measure data
12. Pressurization: Full Automatic pressurization mode
13. Decompression: Full Automatic decompression mode
14. Air Discharge: Full Automatic rapid exhaust mode
15. Forced Induction: Semiconductor pressure sensor
16. Power Supply: 2 x AAA batteries (Not included)

Model CK-101S
Material Plastic
Range of working temperature +10~+40 degree C
Operating Humidity Range 40%~85%
Storage Temperature -20~+50 degree C
Storage Humidity Range 15%~90%
Power Supply 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Cuff Size 13.5-19.5cm
Product Size 7.2x6.8x3.3cm
Weight 112g
Package Include
Package Contents 1 x Manual
1 x Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.29kgs / 0.64lb
Qty per Carton 40
Carton Weight 10.60kgs / 23.37lb
Carton Size 50cm * 21cm * 40cm / 19.69inch * 8.27inch * 15.75inch

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