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Clear Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note III / N9000 , Japan Materials

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TYPE: Cash On Delivery | DELIVERY TIME: 24 Hours | PAYMENT: Cash. The protector is specially designed for iPhone using Japanese optical level PET film and produced by professional screen protector manufacturer in ISO dust-free cleanroom.

1) The Screen Guard offers tough, durable, transparent surface for LCD screen.

2) It is against scratching, abrasion, erosion and finger-print.

3) Designed for perfect fit for the LCD screen for Samsung Galaxy Note III

4) Package Contents:

1 x Screen protectors for front of Samsung Galaxy Note III

1 x Lint free cleaning cloth

How to use:

1) Clean the screen with the small cloth-in order to remove the dust and dirt

2) Peel off the one second / half PET material on the screen Protector, gently by the label

3) Stick the screen protector on the LCD gently and then rip off the PET material

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