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Electric Mortise Lock

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The electric lock will lock when power get through, unlock when power off. Working Voltage is DC 12V.

* Install and use it:

The electrical lock is composed of two parts. One is stainless steel magnet support, the other is the lock body. When you install it, the gap between magnet support and lock body should not over 3mm. The hole on the magnet support should be just be aligned with the bolt. The magnet should be put in the middle.

* Specification:

1) Working Voltage: DC 12V

2) Current: Starting current 0.45A, Working Current 0.45A

3) Coil type: Continuous working

4) Lock cylinder: Diameter 15.5mm stainless steel bolt, popping length: 15mm

5) The size of open hole for installing: 202mm (Length) x 35mm (Width)

6) The depth of the hole inside shouldn’t be less than 43mm

7) Decoration panel size: 210mm (Length) x 42mm (Width) x 0.8mm (Thickness)

8) Panel size: 200mm x 34mm x 3mm

9) Accessories for installing: Stainless steel magnet support one piece, M5x15mm (Length) screws two pieces, M4x11mm (Length) screws four pieces.
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.69kgs / 1.53lb
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 13.30kgs / 29.32lb
Carton Size 28cm * 25cm * 26cm / 11.02inch * 9.84inch * 10.24inch

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