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Electric Portable Nail Dryer(White)

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1) Nail Dryer is the most essential accessory that you will be using with other

2) This is a portable nail dryer for your hands and feet, which is also suitable for drying nail polish, nail art decorations and nail paints

3) The Nail Dryer will switch on automatically when the rest stand is pressed and it is easy and convenient to use with professional results

4) The Nail Dryer comes beautifully packed and presented well mannered.

5) Nail Dryers are uniquely designed and light weight

6) Nail Dryer is usually used by professionals in beauty parlours, saloons and general used at home.

7) Powered by 2 x AA batteries

8) Size: 160 x 105 x 65mm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.31kgs / 0.69lb
Qty per Carton 12
Carton Weight 4.20kgs / 9.26lb
Carton Size 33cm * 24cm * 23cm / 12.99inch * 9.45inch * 9.06inch

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