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IP68 Waterproof Protective Cover with Lanyard for iPhone 6 Plus(Black)

  • GH12299
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TYPE: Cash On Delivery | DELIVERY TIME: 24 Hours | PAYMENT: Cash. About the product
1. Brand new.
2. Design to perfect-fit precision for your phone.
3. Simple, comfortable, easy to carry.
4. It adequately protect devices from the normal scratches, provides protection from scratches, dirt, tear and wear.
5. All buttons are easy to access.
6. Superior waterproof, IP68 grade test by.
7. Convenient: normally receive calls, send and receive messages, read books, play games, etc.
8. Environmental protection: Adoption of new European standards fireproof PC material, imported TPE.
9. Daily application: kitchen, spa bathroom, rainy days, etc.
10. Outdoor Application: travel, hiking, cross-country skiing.
11. Water Application: rafting, surfing, swimming, diving, etc.
12. Operating Application: outdoor surveying, well drilling workers, etc.

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