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Multimedia Presenter with Laser Pointer & USB Receiver for Projector / PC / Laptop, Control(YWR01)

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TYPE: Cash On Delivery | DELIVERY TIME: 24 Hours | PAYMENT: Cash.
1) Interface: RF 2.4GHz

2) Control Distance: Up to 15 meters

3) Laser Distance: Up to 200 meters

4) Working Voltage: 3V (Presenter)

6) Max output: <1mW (Class ii) or <5mW (Class III)(optional)

7) Power consumption: Working mode <100mA Sleep mode <10uA

8) Wavelength: 650nm

9) Battery: AAA x 1 (included)

10) Dimension: 102 x 40 x 25mm

11) Weight without batteries: 26g

12) Receiver:

- Interface: USB

- Operation system: Windows 7, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS, Linux Compatible plug: USB1.1 USB2.0

13) Note: To avoid possible eye damage, never point the presenter at people especially their faces, or look directly into the presenter’s laser beam. Be sure to read the user’s manual carefully before use.

14) Specification: Laser Pointer, Page up/down; PPT function: Full screen/Black screen
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.12kgs / 0.26lb
Qty per Carton 40
Carton Weight 5.00kgs / 11.02lb
Carton Size 30cm * 30cm * 20cm / 11.81inch * 11.81inch * 7.87inch

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