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Sensitive 6 LED Wireless Infrared PIR Auto Sensor Motion Detector Light Lamp

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About the product
1. Auto switching on when detecting people coming.
2. Super sensitivity within 3 meter distance.
3. Wireless, easy to install, can be used in bedroom, washing room.
4. Suitable for indoor, good helper in camping and party.
5. Adjustable delay time.
6. Adjustable operating brightness
7. Applying new white LED technology, high utilization of transferring the electricity into light.

Sensor Sensitivity Angle 90 degrees
Sensor Sensitivity Distance > 3 m
Lifetime 80000 hours
Package Weight
Qty per Carton 120
Carton Weight 14.80kgs / 32.63lb
Carton Size 42cm * 36cm * 26cm / 16.54inch * 14.17inch * 10.24inch