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Solar Powered Portable Fan with 5 LED Lights / Mobile Charger (450mAh), Blue

  • GH5499
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Delivery Time: 1 - 2 Days | Payment: Mobile Money or Debit Card. 1) Recharged by the sun or AC(USB)

2) Material: Body: ABS, Fan: EVA, neck strap: Polyester

3) Wear it on your neck when outdoor

4) The direction of fan can be adjustable 90 degree

5) Easy to carry

6) Solar power capacity: 450mAh

7) Adopt high-quality soft crystalline silicon solar panels, the solar panels generate the heat which produced by direct sunlight into electricity, driving the mini fan and wafting cool wind to us. The stronger the light the heat, the faster its speed.

8) Equipped with high-performance rechargeable batteries, and also the 5 LED lights, enabling to function as a fan and alao LED torch. The battery can be charged by sun or USB charger, its lifetime is more than 3 years.

9) Size: 125x65x40mm

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